As the middle sister, she is the most adventurous of the three. She often exasperates her sisters by constantly getting into trouble with her fun-loving, reckless nature. However, she also loves her siblings dearly and would do anything for them.

Quina is the youngest sibling of the kittydragon family. She is a pure-hearted creature who cares deeply about her sisters and is eager to please them. However, as much as she wants to go on all the adventures they plan, her fears often hold her back. In spite of this, she always tags along and uses her gift of song to help as much as she can.

Of the three sisters, she is the most mature and cautious of the three. She can sometimes be seen as a bit of a wet blanket, but she genuinely loves her siblings and will do anything to protect them. She is particularly protective of Quina and uses her superior strength to keep her and Roon out of harm's way.

A small, rabbit/mouse-like creature, Minnow lost her family at a young age and was adopted by the kitty dragons. Roon in particular is very fond of her. Minnow my be small, but she is a  clever creature that can use her size and agility to help out the kittydragons where she can.

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