Roon loves discovering new things, even when her siblings advise against it. Whenever a new mystery presents itself, she'll do whatever it takes to solve it! Roon also has a pet named Minnow who helps her cause mischief.
As the oldest of the three sisters, Kyther is cautious and protective of her younger siblings. However, when Roon and Quina are in trouble, it is always Kyther who comes to their rescue.
The youngest child, Quina is a very nervous character. However, she possesses a unique ability of creating magical songs that can affect the creatures around Alterland.
Doraijas is the elder brother of Kyther, Quina and Roon. Often Roon's partner in crime, Doraijas enjoys playing tricks on his younger siblings and going on adventures. As such, he often butts heads with Kyther, though they often work together when the other two are in trouble.

Aurelia XO

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