In a decaying world, danger lurks in every corner. Yet for a family of adorable half-cat half-dragons, fun and adventure can still be found. But eventually, these kittydragons' curiosity gets the best of them and puts one of them in grave danger. Now, Roon, Kyther and Quina must traverse a mysterious land dotted with ruins of ancient civilizations in order to rescue their brother from evil.

As the three siblings traverse the mystical land, they soon begin to discover some of the secrets that are buried within the ancient temples that litter the landscape. Who built these ruins, and what was their purpose? Who are the Lumi, and are they friend or foe? How exactly did the kittydragons come to exist in this world? These questions and more are answered within the story of ALTERLAND.

Aurelia XO

Hi there! I'm Julia, also known as Aurelia XO. I'm so excited to be working alongside my teammates to make Alterland. Read more about us here!