I'm happy to announce a couple changes to the site and the Alterland team! First of all, you will notice a new completed illustration in the Art section of the site. But more importantly, you'll see a couple new people listed under the Creators tab!

Sammy is going to be doing animations for the games. She is a talented character animator who got her Masters in Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design, and I am lucky to have been friends with her since high school. As time goes by I will put up some animations that she's done, but for now check out her work at her website!

Sean is another good friend that I've known for many years. We both attended the College of Visual Performing Arts at UMass Dartmouth, and I've had the pleasure of watching his art improve exponentially over the years. He will be providing Alterland with its landscapes and environments. His work can be viewed over at his Instagram.

I was lucky enough to come back from Japan to my hometown in Massachusetts and get together with Sean and Sammy (and Roger!) to discuss the game and its direction at length. I am excited to show you all some of the things we will be creating soon!

Til then, thanks for reading!

Aurelia XO

Hi there! I'm Julia, also known as Aurelia XO. I'm so excited to be working alongside my teammates to make Alterland. Read more about us here!